New York State Deputies Assoc., Inc.

About Us

The New York State Deputies Association, Inc. (NYSDA) was incorporated in 1973 as a not-for-profit corporation. In the decades since its original incorporation, NYSDA has changed to address the changing needs of its members.
NYSDA works for all employees of sheriffs in New York State. This includes deputy sheriffs, correction officers, emergency service dispatchers, court security officers, and individuals holding many other sworn and civilian titles.
We provide labor assistance to full-service members, including assistance with contract negotiations and grievance processing, and assist in providing useful data to local groups.
We support legislation to improve safety and other working conditions for our members.
We are currently developing a program to address the growing concern of suicide and other mental health issues among law enforcement employees. This program will include both education and personal assistance.
Several scholarships are available to high school students pursuing a career in criminal justice.
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